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Plywood panels for oil painting

Hello, I live in Norway, and have just started oil painting. I use the Geneva oil paint, and follow the draw mix paint workflow when I paint. However, I have only painted on cheap canvas with a very rough surface, and this is not a texture I like.
As far as I'm concerned it is impossible to buy artist quality linen canvases where I live, and the price is very high abroad. 
So, I was wondering if someone here has any experience with using regular, inexpensive plywood panels for oil painting? Are there any major advantages/disadvantages compared to canvas? And is every type of plywood okay to use? How should such a surface be prepared?
In my opinion, plywood is an interesting alternative, mainly because it is very easy to obtain, and I can cut it to the exact dimentions that I want.

Would have been very interesting to hear your thoughts on this.


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