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Pear and Lemons

Here's the finished painting. If you'd like to see many of the steps that led up to this, you can go to

Any comments/critiques are appreciated as always.



  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Beautiful colors on that pear and the sliced lemon.  Excellent.  Background would make a terrific sky.
  • @PaulB -- Thanks for the kind comment. Interesting about the sky. I've never done a landscape in oils before. If I do some time, I'll keep that in mind.
  • Love it. Very charming work. 
  • @ArtistMartin1, when I saw the first layers I didn't think this would turn out very well but on seeing the final version I really like it. In terms of colour/value it's much higher key than your previous work. I like the way you've left the background soft. You could make this painting even better by refining the ellipse on the  lid of the jar. :)
  • If you're happy with it and Cindy is happy with it, I'm happy with it. A nother job very well done.
  • @tassieguy -- I'm glad you like it. Thank you. Regarding your observation about the colour/value being different from my previous work, you're certainly correct. That was part of the exercise posed by my teacher, that is, to work in a higher key. Oh, that blankety-blank ellipse. I had more trouble with that than anything else in the painting. I don't think I can bear to touch it again. I'll just have to practice ellipsis more in future paintings.
  • @ArtistMartin1
    I think you’re making huge strides with your levels of expertise , and this latest painting is testament to that. 
    I know what Rob means about the ellipse on the screw top of the jar but my guess is that it’s not a new jar.  It has been used many many times and the lid is slightly dented and battered. 
    It matches the squashed shape of the cut half lemon  🍋 so I think the whole thing works. It’s an unselfconscious still life. It has a rustic feel to it , if that makes sense. 
    Your colours and values are so spot on. 
    I can’t imagine that this was an easy painting , with or without Cindy’s help, but I think you’ve accomplished what you set out to achieve. 

  • @Hilary -- thanks for your feedback. You're absolutely right about the screw top of the jar, that is, it really is old and kind of battered looking. And you're also right about it's not having been an easy painting for me. Cindy sent me back to make corrections on this more than she has with any other paintings she has supervised. She is simultaneously extremely demanding and tremendously encouraging -- a fantastic combination, at least for the way I learn. I appreciate your kind comments.
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