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  • You choose fascinating subjects, @judith. Your base looks good. I'll watch with interest how you handle the colours and values in the smoke.  :)
  • too! will enjoy watching me handle them just been out mixing darks...which it is mostly...this type of thing I paint in layers...Theory is that each layer is a different coliur so should only need one layer but  there's so much cross over ...the lights are peppered thoroughly with spots of the darks and vice versa

    I am not attracted to portraits nor landscape tho I love and appreciate them...I really like macro subjects for some have just bought a good macro lens to investigate the fascinating fungii here on our land especially...we have so much rainfall that there are tiny bright orange and green frilled beauties everywhere!!
  • I love macro photography, it’s a whole new world. Something that looks mundane to the naked eye becomes amazing with close up magnification.
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