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  • You choose fascinating subjects, @judith. Your base looks good. I'll watch with interest how you handle the colours and values in the smoke.  :)
  • too! will enjoy watching me handle them just been out mixing darks...which it is mostly...this type of thing I paint in layers...Theory is that each layer is a different coliur so should only need one layer but  there's so much cross over ...the lights are peppered thoroughly with spots of the darks and vice versa

    I am not attracted to portraits nor landscape tho I love and appreciate them...I really like macro subjects for some have just bought a good macro lens to investigate the fascinating fungii here on our land especially...we have so much rainfall that there are tiny bright orange and green frilled beauties everywhere!!
  • I love macro photography, it’s a whole new world. Something that looks mundane to the naked eye becomes amazing with close up magnification.
  • Great work, I couldn't match it.
  • just had enough of a break to get back to it...this style of painting is too intense for me to do all the time unfortunately...maybe I choose too difficult subjects I don't know...but it takes a while sometimes to build up my confidence to start

    sooooo this took about 4 hours....not sure about the lack of subtlety in the lines and still hasn't got highlights but may wait until I finish before blurring them down more...not sure...can't promise anything...I'm not reliable that way...(should I get counselling?? hehehehe)

    I can't believe the lighter blue has quite a bit of yellow in it actually...
  • BOB73 said:
    Great work, I couldn't match it.
    I'm glad it could ignite your interest @BOB73!! baboom
  • I was a firefighter for over 40 years. Anything like this sparks my attention.
  • well you know what they say....

    "Give a man a fire, and he'll be warm for an evening. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life!" - Apologies to Terry Pratchett
  • Watch out now. I'm also an arson investigator.
  • Do images of fire and smoke hold a certain fascination to a firefighter, or a morbid dread?
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited September 4
    neither, it's a puzzle, trying to estimate the direction of movement, how long has it been burning the color and intensity of both the flames and smoke can tell you a lot. That's how you determine if it is safe to send in firefighters or fight it from outside. If conditions are obvious that no one could survive, why risk your firefighters. Sometimes we go inside only to try and find evidence of arson. Sometimes neighbors' photographs of a house on fire can help with investigations too.
  • Wow, @judith, just wow. What a great subject and so challenging.
  • judithjudith -
    edited September 5
    @ArtistMartin1 I wish they had an embarrassment and thank you emoji...(listen to me how lazy am I???)
    well embarrassment ...and thank you so much for your enthusiastic encouragement... <3
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