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articulated photo holder

anybody see online to buy cheap or build an articulated photo holder ...could clamp onto side of easel?


  • A simple music stand would work- up down, swivel and tilt. finding one sturdy enough might be difficult unless you want to spend more for a professional one. The cheapies are flimsy but the strong ones are pricey even in the pawn shops. I don't recommend attaching to an easel--- interferes with each other's adjustments. Mark has an easy to build one that can be modified to tilt and swing away with some hinges.
  • thank you @BOB73 B)     i think I'll build one that adjusts with a clamp to the easel has a frame that is attached to the wall and you can clamp things to it...
  • Yes, a sturdy wall easel would be an exception to my comment. Good Luck and have fun constructing your studio accessory.
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