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BIG Maulstick..Oleg Buiko

I have just ordered this ...apparently it takes a little while to get used to but then is VERY convenient to work with
Maulstick Artist Handrest Buikothere;s a video on Youtube


  • I've seen this before. Please let us know how you get on with it :)
  • first try out today on the mahl stick...I really like it...I was told it would take some getting used to but it's pretty straight forward...I still hld my other hand on it as if I'm holding the handheld shoulder aches a little but it does usually anyway...I think I am still getting used to it and how I can lean all my weight on it...
     ...i can get to anywhere on the canvas at any angle basically
  • also you can see the new photo-holder I made using timber from under the house cut to size and butterfly can be adjusted up and down the frame as the frame has cut out slots the length if the wall mount (L&R sides) plus the arm of the photo-holder swings in as close as I want to see while I'm painting...
    The mahl-stick actually has holes to attach a small palette which is great for doing a lot of one colour or touch ups
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Interesting.  How much weight can you put on it before it moves?

    It looks nicely made, but a little cruel to the butterfly, I feel.
  • it holds the large   A# size photos well...anything more and I attach a clip underneath to canterleaver
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