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Wanna Paint like Hudson or Russian Guys?

edited August 2018 in Painting
If you are interested in painting like Hudson River artists or Heidelburg artists then follow this link and I suggest you to watch it fully before deciding on anything.
Artist is highly skilled in his techniques and lighting. He uses acrylic and many shapes of fan brushes. If anyone wants to avoid fan brushes then they can use fluffy bristle brushes. All the techniques that were displayed here can be employed in oil painting.



  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2018
    Interesting combination of tools that were used to produce this painting.  I thought the air brushing would be the finale, but he went on to use his fingers, more acrylic, even a razor.  It was fun watching him paint in that figure and the little dog.  No hand shake--see that?  :)
  • @Summer that's what I mentioned. He's highly skilled and has knowledge about color temperature too. I feel that even the persons who do not paint so detailed can learn from this video. He's not painting single leaves here. Brush technique is similar to any other artist. Only his tools and choices of color are different.
    Here is one old Hudson painting

  • Kind of like a Russian Bob Ross . . .

  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2018
    The way he creates color temperature is breathtaking.  I'd rate it high-end.  My last painting was low-end to create a mood of cold and sadness.  I mixed Ultramarine Blue in different quantities to every value to bring about that mood.    
  • @broker12 Bob Ross never painted realistically. This guy paints realistic with similar materials.
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