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Practise Sketches Blog

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I practise rough, quick sketching from my own photos, 1:30 minutes and most are 5 minutes, notations for compositions in oil painting. The smallest being 3" x 4", largest is 3" X 6". Conte de Paris on news print. Gets me warmed up and going at the beginning of my day, helps me to focus and concentrate, to loosen up and to let go. Thank you, Enjoy!


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @Forgiveness, I'm really enjoying these.  Nice work.
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                                                                    3 X 4 B+W Conte de Paris on newsprint, 5:00 minutes. My 1st one today, more later, thank you.
  • Today's sketch is a work of art in its self @Forgiveness
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    Thanks everyone, today I'm setting up for same but for oil sketches. 3-4 values in Burnt Umber, FB and pure T. White, as I'm working on dark neutral stained canvas.
  • @Forgiveness, these sketches are beautiful. Works of art in their own right. Do more.  =)
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    Today I'm setting for same but for oil sketches. 3 values in Burnt Umber, FUB and pure white as I'm working on dark neutral stained canvas.
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                                                                                                              I will be using 4 steps, FUB, Burnt Umber & Titanium white. In rendering quick 1-5 minute thumbnail sketches, these 4 steps + T.white will get me there, nothing more. I spent most of my time mixing these and storing in 35mm film containers today, should give me smooth steady sailing for a little while. I'll take this for a test ride this morning, same exercise as above, looking forward, thank you.
  • Why don't you use this post as a sketching blog here? We can see these fabulous sketches from time to time.
  • Yes, they are very good, @Forgiveness:)
  • edited August 10
                                                                                                                                             2 3/4" X 3 3/4" (ideal size for) quick oil sketch, 4 values. This took me 25:00 minutes, I spent too much time thinking and fiddling on this one, this is the obstacle that I must learn to get over, and one of the main purposes of this exercise. My point of focus and concentration is trying to get down to 5:00 minutes and less for these. "This is just like pencil and chalk "drawing", there is no difference", I keep telling myself and it's all good, one step at time. I am also leaving myself room for learning many characteristics that the brush has to offer in assisting me in all of this. I may try this using only 3 values to pick up my pace. Thank you.

  • looks good and the subject looks familiar too. I'm not sure what getting down to five minutes will really accomplish but I understand that this is an exercise often used by art students and is supposed improve your ability to observe  and render it in 2 dementias. 1 is enough for me.
  • edited August 6
    It's good to have fun with this and oil paint, and laughing at myself while I get up on my feet with this exercise, ha,ha,ha. Thank you.
  • edited August 10
    Landscape by the sea, 1 3/4" X 4 1/4", 15:00-20:00 minutes. This is a fantastic use for leftover paint, just mix any neutral color at all and mix 3 or 4 values from it and voila!, oil paint for sketching with. Thank you.
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                                                                                                            White Building at the Foothills by the Sea, 2 5/8" X 3 3/4", 15:00-20:00 minutes. I've got the hang of this now, it's just like chalk drawing, yeay! and has now become a very relaxing pastime. Thank you.
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                                                                                                                                 3" X 4 1/4", unfinished at this point, I only have the upper right window to complete, been working on this for hours, will post later today. Thank you.
  • edited August 9
    Love it! Great composition. I wouldn't do much more to it.  I think these miniature  monochrome schetches are real gems. You could specialise in these, @Forgiveness. They have an immediacy and economy of means that makes them instantly appealing and probably very saleable.  :)
  • edited August 10
    I will be using better canvas for these type from now on. And I do enjoy these indeed, no pencil drawing required, I use my paintbrush as drawing tool and fill with paint. Great use for leftover paint too, simply mix any neutral color at all, make 4 steps and away we go. Thank you.
  • @Forgiveness. That clock stand is a work of art in its own right well done 
  • These are great @Forgiveness, almost notan.
  • Very nice.  I especially like yesterdays.
  • CJDCJD -
    edited August 12
    That one has a nice nostalgic feel to it and the face of the clock has nice depth
  • edited August 13
    Thank you. I've been preparing good canvas, 5" X 7" as a new small format for these type sketches. Some but not all will be chosen to render as full larger paintings in full color from the smaller ones. All but 2 of the images above were taken (1984) 34 years ago with a 35MM Canon K1000 with Pentax wide angle zoom lens, Kodak Kodachrome slide film, with the full intention of rendering paintings from them. Thank you for pointing out the nostalgic, these are attractive to me in color too.
  • edited August 18
                                                                             These are 2 minute gesture drawings on 18 X 24 newsprint with conte. My first 15 minutes of practise, not at all warmed up yet.
  • edited August 18
                                                                  These are 5 minute gestures, conte on newsprint. I will be trying this with a brush and oil paint next, thank you.
  • You have a real academy approach @Forgiveness. Did u have a model or from photos?
  • edited August 16
    At the moment I'm using photos combined with my knowledge and previous experiences with life drawing and anatomy. And I am consulting with good books on how to do this without a model. I hope to include learning from statues for 3D as well. It's about expression and bringing that quality to painting. Photo is but mere reference, only that. Expression, the expressive, comes from the person, the artist. Thank you.
  • edited August 19
                                                                                                           These are the best of the best from today's 1 hour practise session, using #2 filbert on canvas pad, I used up (filled) three 9 X 12 sheets total. 2:30 minutes gesture drawings. Thank you.
  • edited August 19
                        These 2 rows of figures took me 5:00 minutes each to render, 2 values on prepared 8" X 10" watercolor paper, brushes #2 filbert, #2 round, oil paint. My 1st practise session gesture drawing today. I have a strong tendency to use pencil or pastel pencil for marking the figures but no! the grid works well though. I am determined to get used to this with a brush. Thank you.
  • i did  this kind of exercise once.. there are good video in yt for gestual drawing, like one pic for 30 sec the other for 1 min and so on!
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