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Hi, from Ireland.

Hi, my name is Michael, I'm Irish, 40 years of age and doing art about 2 years now. I used to do art back in my school days and I really liked it and I felt that I was pretty good at it, but you know life happens and it took a back seat for far too long so I've picked it up again. I've been using Acrylics up until now, but I've been growing more and more frustrated with them and I find the quick drying to be very restrictive so I've decided to branch out and start using oils. I found Marks videos on YouTube to be very helpful and informative, also I think I want to really go more for a realistic look, but not fully, I like paintings to look like paintings and not pictures, but that's just my taste. Anyways nice to meet you all and below are a few of my paintings so you can see where I am in my learning arc.



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