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Thinking of going into art. Any suggestions?

I used to love drawing and painting back when I was younger. Ever since I grew up and took hold of some responsibilities like finding a job and taking care of family matters, I no longer had the time to indulge myself in the arts. Every once in a while though, I would have the urge of going into art again. Like this one time, I was watching a foreign documentary about a local artist who remained anonymous but his work of arts are all around the city under everyone’s nose. I want to be like that whenever I have the time. Do you guys have any suggestions with what kind of art I should try myself with?


  • theartist2018

    Welcome to the Forum.

    People write books to answer questions like this.
    So much depends on your location, resources, strategy, focus and determination.
    I think your question is not ‘what kind of art?’ It really is what kind of business.

    Suggest you start with a business plan and a separate marketing plan.
    As you work through these, over time, the rewarding opportunities and ‘kinds of art’ will be apparent.
    When you form a clear picture of the potential customer segments, their needs and likes, what to paint and how to paint will be obvious.

    Washington DC —- portraits of senators and congress members.
    Baby boomers —- heritage buildings, local street scenes, local landmarks, 60s to 80s American life.

    The marketing focus is Price - Place - Promotion -  Product.

    Data like this should feature prominently in your planning scrapbook;

  • Welcome and if you are asking if you should go back into art the answer is yes, if you really enjoy it. As far as going commercial that is a different story. @Dencal is the grand poohbah of advice here. He is the most learned and an expert in everything to do with art. I'm assuming he took your question as wanting to go commercial. I'll say (as the least learned and expert) that either way you should test the waters so to speak. Paint as a hobby and build your portfolio of works until you get the feel for how much time and resources you want to devote to your art. I generally assume that a person that joins the forum has watched a number of Mark Carder's videos. If you haven't, that is a good place to start. 
  • @theartist2018, you'll know when it's time to get into art. You won't need to ask whether you should do it. You'll just find yourself doing it. If you're thinking of it as a quick way to get rich then think again. Most artists die poor but, occasionally,  after they're dead,  their work starts to sell for millions. No joy there for the artist. It sometimes happens (but it is exceedingly rare) that artists do make lots of $ from their art during their lifetime. I don't want to discourage you but if you have responsibities think twice before quitting your day job.
    Try it here first.  Have a go at it and post your efforts here for critcism. It's a great way to grow as a painter  when you're just starting out. There's lots of help available here and lots of really decent folks.
    Best wishes.  :)
  • @Irishcajun, that's the best advice I've ever encountered on the internet.
  • No. Just keep painting when you have free time and don't think about career at all.
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