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woo hoo!

So I had to make a big girl decision last night with out the gallery holding my hand.. haha my 48x36 oil painting of The Starting Gate had an offer... the offer was for full price, but under the condition that I not make any prints of the painting. The gallery had the guy standing right in front of them, when they called so they couldn't advise me.  Problem was, that I had already put a nice chunk of change into having it captured for prints... plus I sold a full size print of my American Pharoah painting from a few years ago and it sure was nice to get that bonus paycheck without any extra work... so I kinda was hoping for the same with this...
So anyway, my big girl decision was to tell him that for the list price, I could not agree to those conditions based on the money I have already spent... so here I go... only 1 original painting sold in the retail space, turning down BIG money (at least big to me..) and having immediate 'omg. what did I do' feelings... Well... the gallery called me back and said "well... he decided to buy it anyway!" YEhaw!!! Racing season hasn't even started yet and ive sold 2 paintings at the gallery! Oh AND the guy that bought it is the same guy who bought my Arrogate painting (profile pic) ... so I technically have a collector now right? hahaha 


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Congratulations!  And good for you, for sticking to your plan.
  • I'm sharing your feelings.  Tears of joy!
  • Thanks @PaulB ... learning as I go! 
  • Nicely done! I've been wondering whether I shoild make prints of any of mine. Sounds like it might be expensive though
  • Congratulations!!  :)
  • @Boudicca wow....I didn't even think of it like that....good point! I feel so naive at this a little puppy learning the ropes. Haha
    @CJD it's not too too bad...this one was just so expensive because of its was over $300 to photograph...but I've done others smaller for less. But if you can front the money you'll make back what you paid in no time... I say  give it a shot! It's a risk, but with my American Pharoah print I made back my investment before I was even in the gallery and now I'm pure profit!  
  • Interesting - how have you been marketing the prints? A family friend sells prints of her work I should ask her about it. I honestly hadn't considered making prints until now.
  • @CJD well when I initially sold them I was invited as a guest to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame to sell some small limited edition prints during travers week at the track...sounded amazing...but it was crickets...Haha however friends and family were so excited for me that they purchased a bunch and I made out even Steven's on the deal. Now that I am in the gallery, they do all of the promoting...they only sell full size prints on stretched canvas-also limited edition. I've only sold one so time will tell...
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