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*not happy* Saratoga Springs Racecourse

edited July 2018 in Post Your Paintings
I typed almost this whole post and it if it shows up fragmented somewhere I apologize. Haha so I finished my gala painting yesterday and I SO want to share it...but it's a big "under the cloak" reveal I front of 300+ people and I'm a paranoid I'll just have to wait on that! Haha 
With only 8 days to go until Saratoga's summer meet gets underway there is no time to lose so I started my next painting today. As per the galleries suggestion I'm painting a classic Saratoga scene with the tell tale peaks of the grandstand. Holy heck theres a tone of detail...but everytime I start to complain I think about paulb's cinique de Terre (I'm sure I butchered that spelling) painting and take a seat. Haha  here's as far as I got today. I wonder if there is any chance I  hell I can finish this by opening day... painting in a camper...with a cat, 2 kids and a husband.... hmmm?photo is weird angle trying to avoid glare. SaveSave


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