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New Additions to an Ongoing DMP-Inspired Studio

SummerSummer -
edited July 2018 in Studio & Supplies
Three plus years in the making so far.  Here are some new additions to my modest DMP-inspired studio--modest by comparison to professional studios. 

1)  Drying racks, two versions now.  The one on the left is the latest and has an extra rack.  It doesn't wiggle at all.  Black lacquer spray paint.  Open space at bottom of units are for stand-on-end canvasses, boards, or panels.  Small paintings can be placed on a single board in one or more of the slats.  Designed for boards and panels but canvasses can be placed on boards for support.  I drape a microfiber king size black sheet over them to keep the dust out.  It works yet is still well ventilated.  

2)  Here is a set of value checkers you put in your still life setup to check white values while looking through a color checker.  To use, put white paint on the tongues of color checker and selected wood wedge.  Then, compare both, the two whites, to make sure the values are the same. 

3)  Adding wheels to the Geneva palette table makes it easier to move around.

4)  In the works, not ready for prime time, are a dozen floating frames for my paintings on aluminum panels.  Mostly 24" x 24" and 24" x 20".  That means epoxy gluing aluminum trim channels to the backs of the panels before I even begin the paintings.  I'm taking the advice of @PaulB and framing before the paintings leave my studio when the substrates are aluminum--to protect the edges. 

That's it folks.  Last of updates for a while.  Back to painting.  Happy to answer any questions you may have.  Summer



  • Looks very impressive! Now we just need to see more paintings.. ;)
  • @Richard_P ;  But you fill that department so well--haha.  Summer
  • Great idea adding the palette table wheels!!
  • I'm depressed by the many studio layouts I see. They've all given me great ideas. But I still don't have a space that will not get "disturbed". My goal isn't grandiose, just 16-20 sq.ft. where the only thing disturbed is me.
    Lost In UnSpace
  • BOB73 said:
    I'm depressed by the many studio layouts I see. They've all given me great ideas. But I still don't have a space that will not get "disturbed". My goal isn't grandiose, just 16-20 sq.ft. where the only thing disturbed is me.
    Lost In UnSpace
    I hear you loud and clear.  My remedy is unconventional a bit, but your true friends understand.  At our age, we deserve our 16-20 sq. ft.  With my husband egging me on, I fell for it and claimed the living room and dining room as studio space.  Three years now and I'm not sorry we did.  I think all you need is a little encouragement and you certainly have it from both of us.  If you take from those two areas just what you need you won't be sorry.  We kept a couch in the living room and the dining room table in that room because they are part of the studio design.   :)   Summer
  • One daughter works from home; 2 computer screens on the dining room table. My other daughter works away from home and they both use my room for a closet and a storage room for their furnishings for their future apartments. They also have a rented storage space that is full and so is our garage and one other whole bedroom. The living room is a combination bedroom and laundry room.  We have enough furnishings for 3 houses. 
  • SummerSummer -
    edited July 2018
    OMG!  I had no idea!  Let me run this by my husband and see if we can come up with something!  Okay, I did.  He says to get your daughters married and out of the house--haha.  If I were in your situation, I would choose family over studio they way you are doing now.  At the present time, my husband is building a pottery studio addition to the home of one of our friends.  The floor, walls, and roof are done.  You have plenty of smarts to do something like that.  He is building it alone and he will be 70 his next birthday.  Also, a sit-down with your daughters may inspire them to come up with a solution.  Looking forward to you getting some space!  Summer
  • Thanks, Summer. My room is an addition. 16'X16'. I built it as second family room/play room when my second daughter was born in 1995 it still contains all their toys (which some how gives them first choice and authorization to use it as they wish.) Part of this is my own procrastination and unwillingness to be more firm with them.
  • I feel your pain Bob, I am in a similar situation, but I am in the process of reclaiming my studio. My son was using the bigger space as a drum studio, where he gave lessons, he only gave a few and dumped anything he didn’t want cluttering up his space into my little room, something fell over behind the door and I couldn’t get in. My Artist Daughter then took over the space for a while, but she has emigrated and left piles of her clothing, but mostly Art stuff there. I have claimed the Art supplies in lieu of Rent and have taken over the big space before my Son decides to give lessons again !!!  My advice, sell the toys and buy more paints  =) B)
  • Thanks @marieb, I was a drummer too but that was too many decades back. The toys are collectors items or so say my daughters. We've had a dozen yard sales without attempting to sell them so it must be true. Barbies, some still boxed and American Girl stuff. Enough doll houses, cars and accessories to build a city block. Even a Barbie sized passenger jet. 
  • Whatever you decide, I believe you must not be made to feel guilt.  The only way to avoid this, imho, is to explain to your children what you would like to happen and ask for their assistance.  Tell them you can't do this without their physical help and advice by Christmas at the latest.  You deserve this, Bob.  :)
  • Aren't Barbies a fire hazard and must be disposed of?

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