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Box that sits on top of the shadow box

What are the dimensions please?


  • Weirdfinger

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I think you are asking about the chimney?

    The dimensions are determined by how much distance you want between your light source and your subject.

    I use an inverted Four litre paint tin with a hole nibbled out to fix the light unit.

    Have a look around the hardware or department store. Flues, chimnies, buckets, waste bins, pvc pipe.

    LED is not a problem but other light types will need vent holes for heat dissipation.

    My paint tin is 7” tapering to 8” and the light sits 18” from the subject, though 
    I can adjust for larger objects to the floor of the shadow box at 32”.

    Dont forget to make provision for an aperture fitting and diffusing white plastic filters. Essential for fine white balance adjustment.

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