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Hello All,

Well i thought I would take a minute to say hello and say a little bit about what has got me into painting.  My name is Joshua I'm 33 yrs old and I currently live in Washington state.  My life has been very interesting the last couple years mostly because of heart failure.  Funny thing is that I'm very thankful for the direction my life has been going.  The past 10 years or so of my life was pretty consumed with me trying to find things to cover up my depression and anxiety.  Usually that would mean drugs and alcohol.  Within that time tho I was always finding things to make, build and create things.  Some things where not the best ideas for me (moonshine still... figures) but the place I've always been happiest with myself was when I was making something.  Here and there it would come up in conversation something about painting and I would always say "Yeah i would love to try to paint. That seems like a really cool thing to get into."  But I would put it off and over and over.  Summer of 2017 in early June a surgeon at Tacoma General Hospital told me that he himself was going to perform an LVAD surgery on me because I had been turned down for it with other hospitals since the mandatory clean and sober time was 6 months in order to have the surgery and I only had 3 months of sobriety and without the surgery I would die in the next two weeks and he wasn't going to just watch me die but I had to stop doing drugs.  So since then I have been going to therapy and learning how to battle depression without the use of street chemicals. Also, recently I've had something happen that I never believed would happen to me.  I have experienced happiness and joy while being sober.  One day at therapy again the thought of painting came up and because of my near death encounter I don't like to put things off that come to mind.  Off to Michaels I went and after multiple trips and about 150 dollars I painted an apple and just loved the entire process.  Oh and also after many drawmixpaint youtube videos. :)  I actually find that Mr. Mark has quite the soothing voice.  I'll just have his videos on autoplay in the background while painting.

Hope that wasn't too lengthy lol.  Anway, Hello everyone!


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