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Value Checkers for Whites in Still Lifes, Set of 3

SummerSummer -
edited July 2018 in Studio & Supplies
Folks, re-watching one of Mark's videos the other day inspired me to collaborate with my husband and create these blocks of wood that will help me check the whites in still lifes before each painting.   The white values have to match the white paint that I put on both the tongue of the color checker and the aluminum (EZ clean) tongue on the block of wood.  Just set the block of wood in front of the still life's main object lit by the main light source.  The color is less important than the values of the whites.  Hope some of you find  these useful enough to create one or more of your own.  Which one you use is determined by the size of your still life.  I'd be glad to answer any questions about them. 

Relevant part begins at 2:12.  I started with Mark's idea as you can see in this video.  They are made with scrap maple,1/8th" x  3/4", 600 grit sandpaper, scrap aluminum, epoxy glue, black lacquer, two coats. 

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