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Painting outdoors...

Here is my studio for the summer....when I'm not dodging thunderstorms it's fantastic. Only unique problem I am finding with Geneva paints is the glare! While it's not been an issue on my canvas too much my pallet is another story! Any tips on painting outdoors?


  • Haha...yeah...I can't paint at night...we'll see. I may have to take over the gazeebo
  • SummerSummer -
    edited July 2018
    I'm not an outdoor painter but I recall Mark saying that the sky may be putting a lot of glare on your color checker.  Even a cloud could cause glare.  Both you and your subject have to be in the same light.  You can test for glare.  And you can test for value.  Here is the video to watch for both and that I think will keep you painting happy at your retreat.  It's basically how to use a color checker but I think it will be helpful to you because it covers testing for glare and checking your values.  Summer

  • tilt the palette or shade it with a windbreaker A cardboard box with top and one side removed might work. You might have to weight it down too.
  • Wow- great studio! Nice greens and blues. You could paint, then when you get hot,  take a dip, paint some more ... No crocodiles I hope.  :)
  • No alligators or crocs...but saw one giant water snake! Haha it is beautiful, but my LORD are genevas hard to paint with outdoors. Trying to rig something up inside that will work for my next painting... tired of fighting the glare.
  • @JessicaArt you need to paint under a shade otherwise you will get a sun-blinding problem. Everything will be under too much light. I am not much worried about painting becomes dark when taken home, but this extra glitter and shine is a real problem. you can also try changing the angle of easel a bit.
  • There are umbrellas specifically for the purposes of painting outdoors: light and air comes through, but it's 'open' enough that it won't blow away. 

    As Kaustav mentioned you will be sun blinded without some type of shade. 
  • Well...I was set up under an awning...but it still proved too difficult with the light just everywhere. Finished the painting i was working on out there and moved the next operation indoors. Painting inside a camper...interesting..... but so happy to have some consistent 5000k lighting! Not quite at 45 degrees I'm sure but miles better than outdoors, though not quite as picturesque. Haha  
  • Nice studio, and it's on wheels! I wish I had that much room to set up in. BTW that folding tray-table is not a good choice for outdoor painting.. notorious for falling over in even slight breezes. 
  • yeah.. outside i use my h-frame standing easel...wont fit in here though!
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