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Rosemary & Co brushes- A Mark Carder signature set?

I just had a thought that a signature set of Brushes by Rosemary developed in collaboration with Mark ( the company has done this with a number of artists) would be a great addition to the Geneva range, and help newer artists navigate the minefield that is purchasing brushes.



  • I believe I heard Mark say that he only uses bristle brushes because they hold the paint better than synthetic.  I'm sure they could work something out.  Great idea.  It would be a big seller because Mark has 10-15 brushes in use at one time.   :)  
  • what sizes, shapes and material would be included? usually a set includes just one of each size. Mark wants you to have five.
  • Hi @BOB73, a signature set would be whatever the artist recommends for their own use. I have just started using the Masters choice set, natural bristle, a bit softer that the Ivory, very nice to use.
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