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Next best easel to Geneva Artists Easel?

Ok ok, I know I asked a lot about the release date of the geneva easel, and I wish I could justify spending the money on it. But I have never painted before and I still need to buy all my other supplies.

So for now, I want to go with a cheaper easel. 

Ive seen the DIY easel that Mark talks about on youtube but I want to avoid all the work and maybe buy one already made.

So my question is, what is a good upright standing easel that is close to Mark's DIY version that comes already made?


  • first off... assembling a store-bought easel is more work than building Mark's DIY unit. secondly, For less than the cost of most easels you can go to a carpenter or cabinet shop and have them build one for you from Mark's youtube vid. There are others on youtube that will work more like a traditional easel just pick one and have some one handy with tools make it for you.
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