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Hi Everyone

I am a bit of a art hopper. I have been drawing on and off forever but settled on graphic art/illustration in my early life. I’ve been a stay at home mom since 2000 and it stuck. I have painted a couple watercolors, acrylics, gouache, pen& ink  and encaustics but primarily I paint props and decorate cakes for my kids parties. I learn techniques for “projects” and once they are completed something shiny catches my eye and I try something else. I saw Mark Carder while researching oil painting back in March. He explained the process in a way that spoke to me. I wanted to paint oil portraits of my girls but have never used oils before. I’m pretty happy with my first painting of my youngest daughter. I’m hoping to improve the “subtle” on faces in my next painting.

This is the first painting I shared on a facebook group for “Learning Oil Painting” and received overwhelming support. However, the last post was kinda nasty: Not believing that it was my first oil painting or my first time using Geneva paints etc… I remember hearing Mark say that has happened but I still wasn’t prepared. 



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