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"render the form"

friends, although I think that painting from the shadow to the light has some advantages, I have a lot easier to "render the form" by painting from light to shadow, especially in the modeling of the transition region between light and shadow, in the "terminator line". when I first paint the shadow I have difficulty making this transition, and I end up needing to "pull and push" this line, dragging the light over dark and also the dark over the light, and it ends up "dirtying" my shadows .. Any tips on this?



  • Well you are just doing what Sargent recommended.  Overpaint the dark then push it back with a lighter color.  The key is to push it back with the color that is supposed to be there, not just push a much lighter color and blend them together.  Mix colors on your palette and paint with purpose.  

    None of this is my advice by the way, but it works for me.  
  • alisondesando

    If your going to rattle the cage you gotta expect barked knuckles.

    Try dark to light if you want clean shadows. White/light paint on your brushes, palette or canvas is milking up your darks.

    If you insist on light to dark maintain strict white paint hygiene. Separate equipment for darks, middles and lights.


  • Check out Mark's videos on painting shadows and protecting shadows.
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