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Brush Dip

I left my brush dipped brushes out maybe a little too long, and they began to dry and slightly clump the bristles together. 
Has anyone else done this and found a good solution?
I was going to try and wash them off with some mild hand soap.
For now I just re-dipped them until I have time to deal with it.


  • SummerSummer -
    edited June 2018
    @johnw ;  I've been close to this situation.  I massaged the bristles slightly, dipped, massaged the bristle thoroughly again, and re-dipped a final time.  They are as good as new now.  Hope this helps.  Summer
  • I absolutely love the Chelsea lavender soap from the Sydney art store and Jerry’s artarama. A few strokes in that and  a quick massage and it really brings old dried out brushes back to life.
  • I figured out the problem. User error.

    I was using a batch of Windsor Newton paint, specifically titanium white, which the latest formula is not compatible with clove oil. Clove oil causes it to prematurely dry. There was a SDM formula with no clove oil, specifically to address that problem. The brush dip has clove oil. The brushes with other color paint were in beautiful condition, no sign of drying up.

    I put a squirt of shampoo in a small plastic cup and washed the brush off by alternately dipping it and rinsing it. Figure it's good for my hair it's good for boar hair. Seemed to clean it up ok.

  • edited June 2018
    I use "Rembrandt" Titanium White with the extra linseed oil, no worries.
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