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Thoughts on the work of Robert Papp

Question, does the suggestion I made below make sense?

There is a local artist that I encouraged to visit this site and try Mark's technique to help her achieve the results she is looking for in terms of realism. She likes the site but is having a hard time coming up with simple, easy things to paint to develop her technique.

I suggested she look at the work that Robert Papp does for the cover of Cook's Illustrated Magazine (which is primarily simple but appealing still life's using various food items found in most kitchens - such as shallots, pears, etc.).  And then  create a still life similar to what she  finds on the cover of the magazine to practice her technique.

He is not John Sargent, but his work is good, and accessible. It also seems to fit well with Mark's technique. Any thoughts?


  • Suggest she paint a silver cup and follow Mark's lesson on line.
  • I’ve just started too. I’ve heard painting from real life rather than from photos is a better way to go. I’ve set up a shadow box and am painting an egg in a silver eggcup. I’m having a problem with glare because I haven’t gotten around to painting the wall black Yet.  Maybe by next week I’ll be more organised.

    i rather like the idea of working through some of the homework assignments Stephan Baumann talks about on utube. So after the egg I’m going to do colourful fruit on aliminium foil.  I’ve also ordered a couple of skulls from eBay but I’m saving that for after I’m more comfortable drawing simpler shapes with the proportional divider.
  • Thanks for the feedback.
  • Thanks for bringing the works of Robert Papp to my attention.  Exceptional work!
  • @Summer, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing his work.  Many of your posts are helpful and informative, happy I could reciprocate in some way.
  • Same here. Thanks for bringing the works of Robert Rapp to my attention. Excellent subtlety. After trying serveral paintings from photo, I am thinking to paint Basic food items from still life. A LOT to study from Robert Rapps work.
  • @Jiashen "Basic food items from still life" the only moderately successful paintings I've had has been these; everything else has been... not so good :-D
    My family tells me, "You paint fruit really well"  But I think the truth is photography does not capture a certain luminescence, fullness, and perspective that only our eyes can. And fruit is 'living' so there's something more robust about it. Certain flowers are also good for painting if you can get the right lighting and perspective and find some that can last a while.

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