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I'm going to the Art institute of Chicago at the end of the Month (June 29-July 1) for the weekend to catch this exhibit:

I was wondering if there's anything else to see while I'm there that is a 'must see' as well?  Are any other DMP denizens from the Windy City and know of any hidden gems?




  • Oh my goodness!!! You could spend days in the art institute!

    I would tell you to plan your time. It used to be said that they held the largest collection of impressionist art outside if the Louvre.

    I would have to go back and look at the museum map. One must see is ElGreco's 'Assumption of the Virgin'. It's at least 15 feet tall and will take your breath away with color, movement, and perspective. 

    There are some Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, Zorn, Toulouse Latrec, Francisco de Goya, 

    Seurat: Paris on a Rainy Day
    Charles Champmartin: Study if the Head of a Corpse

    An absolute must see: John Phillip Simpson, The Captured Slave. This by far was the painting that rendered me speechless for his mastery of realism. Everything about it us masterful. But you have to see it in real life in order to drink it all in.
  • That is very helpful Renoir.  I'm pretty juiced about ticking the visit off my list!
  • @Renoir, said: "There are some Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, Zorn, Toulouse Latrec, Francisco de Goya, Corot.  Seurat: Paris on a Rainy Day Charles Champmartin: Study if the Head of a Corpse"

    well it's too bad there aren't any famous artists but I'm Sure tyrohne will enjoy his visit anyway.
  • @BOB73 You always make us laugh :-) I get a little excited about the Art Institute. I may not be much of a painter, but seeing all the masters' works under one (very, very large) roof is just thrilling :-D
  • I know what you mean @Renoir, It's been decades since I was last in a fine art museum as important as Chicago's but even as an immature young man I knew I was looking at remarkable things there(Washington DC museum of fine art) even so, it took me a long time to understand the reverence people seemed to have for the works they were viewing.
  • Thanks for posting. You are lucky to have made the visit but no matter how small or remote a museum is there is always something there to inspire us.
  • edited July 2018
    Truly very blessed, @Bob. What was it the Bard said in MacBeth?  "I bear a charmed life, which must not yield...."
  • "The breadth of the collection was absolutely amazing. It is one of the finest art museums I have ever seen."

    I am so glad you spent some extra time there. It is breathtaking the amount and quality of art and antiquities housed there. I love that place!!! So I feel a vicarious re-enjoyment as you describe your visit! 
  • Saw this gorgeous ad downtown
  • I saw that ad! I stayed at the JW Marriott on Adams and they even had Sargent prints in the lobby windows. I found it very interesting  the way Sargent painted hands:  
  • Yes! Hands are the most difficult and we usually try to portray a 'literal' translation of what we see with epic failure. But you look at this close up and think, "what???"  He really was pure genius.
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