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Shadow box distance

How far away should the shadow box be from your sitting position or easel?


  • Steve

    Five to ten feet is a comfortable range. Small or complex objects at the closer distance.

  • Ten feet? Let me find my binoculars.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited June 2018
    I think this will depend on how much of the still life you want to present on your canvas, much like adjusting depth-of-field on the lens of a camera.  I don't think you can get this wrong.  You will start to feel uncomfortable when it is wrong--too far in either direction.  You do have to hold the color checker at arms length, however. 
  • I've found I'm not good at judging distances. I've measured and set up strings but the most helpful trick (for me) is cutting out a frame the size of my canvas and use it to block my subject. Then I know how far from the subject I need to be. Note, people with better vision probably won't need this.
  • That’s a great idea. My shadow box is almost finnished just one more coat of paint then I’m going to try the cardboard frame.
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