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Setting up a group life drawing studio (lighting)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for lighting a room with a model and a number of easels in a circle. Like a basic life drawing studio. Thanks


  • Hamish

    Yes! Forever trying to get my three groups sorted. There seems to be a new person organising every month or so and it takes three weeks to sort out a new one.

    One LED work light on a tripod stand ( c$50 ) is all that’s needed. Try to get a 5000k and between 800 and 1000 lumens.  If during the day, no overhead lights, and side raking light from one window preferred.
    maximise the light and shadow effect to give dimensional impact to the drawings. 

    Helpful if heating and cooling is available for the model’s comfort.

    Few props are useful - sofa, chair, throws, bolster cushions. Ideally, a podium to elevate the model, esp for large group.


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