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Flowers and fruit

Since flowers and fruits can wilt and change color while painting over a couple of weeks, has anyone ever used plastic flowers and fruit? Will the difference in color make them look fake?


  • I kept a rose bud in the freezer for 3 weeks it stayed fresh. 
  • Can't hurt, when I paint real flowers they look fake anyway.
  • I have used 'fake' flowers but in a very painterly approach. I found that fake flowers are rarely faithful to real ones in color and detail. If you are willing to be creative or supplement your fake flowers with actual details from photos then fake ones work fine. 

    Just keep in mind you will never get the same effect from fake as you will from real. I used strong light and shadow to create more interest. 

    You can chose fresh flowers that last a long time, some cut flowers can last as long as 24 days!

  • When it comes to fruit I'm amazed at how long they can look fresh.  Not pears though.  They're a disaster.   :s  But, there are some amazing fake pears.
  • I'm still very new at this, but with pears (one painting Ive done). I set it up and got the main tones laid down (two pears) right away plus I took a decent photo from which to refer. I used the pears for about 3 days! But I started with very hard, unripened pears :-)
  • I start my setups with fake flowers and fruit.  When I get it the way I want it to look, (which may take several days) I go get the real thing and photograph it.  My painting time is sporadic, so real fruit or flowers just won't last long enough.  I will leave the setup intact for as long as possible and work from it as much as possible and then switch to the photograph.  Not perfect, but it's a good as I can do.  Hope you have more painting time than I do.
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