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Question about painting storage

I'm looking for some advice on how to store paintings. Does anyone have any ingenious way of doing this?

One question I have is what can be put between paintings that are leaned up against each other. So if a bunch of paintings are learning up against a wall, is there something you can put over the top few inches of each one to not only keep off dust but also stop the back of a canvas from touching the front of another?


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    Since I started framing my paintings, storage has been easier as they can be stacked on top of each other, at the same time avoiding any contact as the frames touch, not the paintings... If you are eventually thinking of framing may be you can do it sooner... I also add a dust cover with brown paper at the back

    and once I came across this but haven't used it; not sure whether it would stick to artwork or not  
  • movingalonghome

    interleave paintings with silicone release paper.

    A very handy paper that will not stick to art work. This parchment like paper will withstand heat applications without sticking or damaging art work, and is commonly used for wrapping artwork, in dry mounting presses, and release liners when working with waxes and adhesives. White in color, silicone impregnated so both sides are treated, and has a basis weight of 27 lb.

    Sheet size: 24" x 36". Rolls Sizes: 48" x 300' and 66" x 300'

    Kitchen papers such a baking paper, freezer paper, parchment paper may have a silicone treatment but manufacturers and retailers do not provide good information. Seems to vary between brands and between countries.


  • I bought some silicone paper on Denis's recommendation and it works great. I've wrapped a painting in it ahead of wrapping it up in paper to hand to someone and the only issue I has was trying to get any kind of tape to adhere to the silicone paper!
  • Thanks

    @anwesha I have read it's preferable to store paintings vertical rather than lying them on top of each other. I wonder if having them framed makes a difference for this
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