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So for this commission I was told to use my discretion on weather or not to add the big bright distracting light in the background... so for now it is out... I know it would add to the story of the way the horse and jockey are lit...but I don't want it to take away from the subject either with this big bright monstrosity right smack in the middle of the painting.... I was thinking of instead of the light, making the sky seem as if there is a light source, out of sight...kind of like a soft vignette? I'm thinking I will try that and see how it looks before adding the stadium lights. Does anyone think its fine with out the vignette or lights... as in just the plain sky? 
Also... do I add the rain? 99% of me says do it. It was raining & it was a defining part of the race... the other 1% says... really? your going to add all of those specks on top of all of that hard work? haha oh what to do... what to do... any advice is appreciated
(disclaimer:... I HATE putting my painting side by side the original photo...because it points out all of the flaws. But I don't see them as flaws unless something stands out as wrong in the painting. So if a color is a little off... thats long as the painting makes sense. haha just a disclaimer.)
Here is the reference photo by Alex Evers and I will post my work in progress next 


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