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Cheap and bright LED studio lights

In another thread started by @Veronique ;on studio lighting ( @dencal
and @Observer mentioned cheap LED lights by a brand called Arlec.

I thought I'd check them out - turns out my local hardware store had them on sale, and I pick up three of the 45W (3500 lumens; 5000k) models - same as this one available in NZ - for AU$44 each. My set up now has two of them up high and to the rear of my left side (in the shot below you can also see the previous bulb I was using):

And one over my right shoulder on my camera tripod, pointing down towards my palette.

Man, these things are bright. I honestly don't know how I could see anything with my previous set-up.

They also seem colour-accurate. I could not see any colour shifts between these and my previous high  accuracy colour bulb (95% CRI). As a rough test I also took a photo of a neutral grey card (the kind that photographers use to set white balance). The first histogram below is from a photo of the card on my easel illuminated with these lights. The red, blue and green channels all line up indicating the lights are more or less unbiased. The second is the same setup but illuminated with the warm-ish ceiling light - showing as expected a shift to the red .

These are cool running, cheap to buy (at least relatively), cheap to run, and accurate. Gotta love new technology.

Not sure if they are available outside of NZ/AUS, but I suspect there are other equivalents. Oh yeah, they are designed to be worklights for tradespeople.  

Thanks again @dencal ; & @Observer ; for the tip-off.


  • Roxy

    Brilliant! This setup will produce 6,300 lumens and about 1000 lux from the work surface.
    That is the level recommended for detail workshop spaces specified by architects and lighting designers.


  • That's great, @Roxy - glad somebody found that useful!
  • edited August 8
    Wow, fantastic, @Roxy! I need something just like that. The big LED ceiling lights I have are good but they're high up and so, for detailed work (and to light the lower sections of a big canvas) your lights would be great.
  • @Roxy ;  Hi.  I started off with the Arlec spotlights in my studio but I found they were too glary and eventually I had to get rid of them and buy batten lights instead.  I now have four LED batten lights sitting right next to each other, at an angle of approx 45 degree from the easel and these work fine.
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