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Advice on my website

Hello everyone,

Posting my paintings isn't half as nerve wracking this post is for me. My website is  . It is still in a very nascent stage and so any number of changes is possible, from prices to the write up..

Kindly suggest any changes/correction that you think necessary.
I haven't added my photo yet, will do soon.
if you are seeing on a computer desktop the details about the painting shows up if you take the cursor over the painting. if you are seeing on a phone, there is a dot on the lower right hand site that you need to click to see the details.

Petrified Anwesha


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    Completely devoid of a critique on your site other than to say it looks very clean and functional.  As an aside, I think you're gallery is lovely and you are a [edit] fantastic painter.  
  • Excellent website. Nice and clean. Add the details of the paintings and it will be perfect. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @Anwesha, that is a good, simple, elegant web site.  It works well.  I have some feedback:
    • When I click on "Gallery" in addition to the list of links, it would be nice to see a painting too, simply because that page looks empty.  It could just be a picture of an empty easel, or a palette, doesn't have to be a painting.  I think a mostly empty page looks bad, especially for someone in the visual arts space.
    • I think your prices are too low.  I'm not trying to flatter, but you're offering paintings that include frames.  Quoting Stefan Baumann.  $2 per sq inch for a beginner, plus double the framing cost.  In no way are you a beginner, but it does illustrate that your prices are low.
    • Paraphrasing Jason Horejs (Red Dot Blog), he says to not date your work.  It only raises questions (why did this one not sell already?).  You don't date your work, but the paintings are categorized by year, and I suspect it has the same result.  A buyer would not necessarily know that your website became more public today, and might assume you've been selling these paintings for over a year.  Jason might be wrong, but then he does own a gallery.
    • Using the word "store" on the front page made me think I could click and buy directly.
    • I think your painting titles are marvelous.  I need to learn this from you.
    • I think you need a page where you can start listing events or news, such as the upcoming street fair, or classes, new showings, exhibition, competition, or whatever art mischief you get up to.  You want people to know where they can go and see your work in person, if possible.  Knowing that you are actively engaged in showing these implies that if I want to buy one, I should act sooner rather than later.  It may be short on events right now, but that won't last.
  • @tyrohne, @Kaustav @PaulB : Thank you all so much....
    @Kaustav : the website has weird way of allowing me to put the details, i know its not very obvious how to get the info about the paintings.. I'll check if I can make alteration to that...
    @PaulB : Great idea about atleast one pic in the gallery page
    About the prices, I'm kind of unsure how much people would like to buy from a newbie, so I started with these (the prices also include the 10.25% sales tax for Chicago actually, but not the postal charges :/ ) Once the art fair is done I'll get a better idea I believe about how to price...
    I could not come up with a good subheading other than "Portfolio and Store", that's why the 2017, 2018 links, as in portfolios, do you think i can do away with those two and still have "portfolio".... and also you are correct about "store".. its not an exact online store.... I have to come up with a better subheading...
    "Events" category is also a great idea.. I'll get working on it right away.. 
  • Terrific site. love the home page. The write-up is very good and perhaps too detailed when it comes to discussing the limited palette. but should include the information that your materials are all archival  and meant to last centuries. This is where you might mention schools or classes you've attended and any artists of note you have worked with. I think if the item is sold framed, your gallery photo should show the frame. I agree with @PaulB 100% especially your pricing. You are under-selling your self by half I think. BTW, it was wonderful to revisit all your paintings all in one spot. You've developed into an accomplished artist in a very short time. The Castle is still my favorite and I still imagine myself a knight dutifully standing guard against enemies, dragons and villainy.
  • Thank you so much @BOB73 ! :) The castle is now framed and has a dust cover at the back too.. installing the hanging hardwares now... 
    The artist's statement is really the first draft and I'll be refining it with time...(was at a loss of words and topics to write and that's why so much about limited palette) I'll add the archival part somewhere too.. its a good point...

    Regarding the pricing, I thought I'll see what happens in the first day of the fair and accordingly will change like a 10-15% for the next day (higher or lower).. infact today morning I slashed the prices in my website out of a sudden feeling of being a newbie to this business..  :#

  • You are not selling experience and education you are selling talent, quality and uniqueness. 
  • @movealonghome : Weird thing I noticed after reading you comment, my website color looks different on the phone (more reddish grey) as compared to my laptop (yellowish grey).... Will check on other phones to see if that's the case everywhere...
    I wanted a neutral color that's why the grey.... l plan to change the background color from time to time though...
  • dencaldencal -
    edited June 2018

    I posted this link years ago. Worth another run.
    The artist's statement is really the first draft and I'll be refining it with time...(was at a loss of words and topics to write and that's why so much about limited palette) I'll add the archival part somewhere too.. its a good point... 

    No need to slave over that keyboard again.

    An automatic artists' statement generator.

    Here is a sample

    Artist Statement

    My work explores the relationship between emerging sexualities and midlife subcultures.

    With influences as diverse as Derrida and Joni Mitchell, new tensions are crafted from both explicit and implicit discourse.

    Ever since I was a postgraduate I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the universe. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes finessed into a hegemony of futility, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the chance of a new reality.

    As momentary replicas become distorted through frantic and personal practice, the viewer is left with a clue to the inaccuracies of our condition.


    anweshaSummer[Deleted User]
  • Couldn't have said it better myself, @dencal. Let's all put aside our inaccuracies and embrace our mutual confusion. ( I knew I should have sold my Joni Mitchell collection at my last yard sale.)
  • SummerSummer -
    edited June 2018
    The best Artist Statement I have ever read.  The atmosphere, feeling, and sentiment exactly! 
  • I love your website, @Anwesha. The front page with the still life of shells and flowers is stunning and really drew me in. It's a beautiful site. :)
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