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Slow drying medium

I would like to introduce myself, as I'm new to this forum . Steve Jones from Naples Florida. I'm going to be using Windsor & Newton paint and want to add a slow drying medium.  I want a simple answer . Can I just use walnut oil with linseed oil to the red blue and yellow colors,  and add  the clove oil to the burnt umber to prolong  drying times ? Saw Mark's recipe and don't want to use solvents. I am going to be painting 3 times a week and don't want tthe paint drying on my palette. Any feedback appreciated , Thanks, Steve 


  • Steve

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Yes you can do this, but don't expect much open time in the colors without clove oil.
    Burnt umber is the fastest to set up on the palette. I suspect you will be adding a lot of clove to get the consistency workable. This may prevent polymer formation and be permanently sticky.

    Florida is the world center for citrus production. Why not use the standard SDM formula with citrus solvent to replace the mineral solvent?


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