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Hi yall

 I want tell you about myself and painting.I have had very little formal training beside an art class in high school and  the and from the Walter  Frost books. I am eclectic in what I paint.I basically paint what i see or sometimes what I call ad lib style.It is where I have a vague idea never knowing how it will end up. started use oils to paint pictures in my teens , I am now 60 yrs old, I gave 90% away. The number I not sure of , a conservative estimate would 30-50 paintings. I was often asked why don't I sell them? The answer was all the same. God gifted me with this talent, my ability to be creative. the look in peoples eyes was payment enough. So getting back to painting , I was really doing a lot of oil painting from my teens to early 30's and stopped when my wife was expecting , i was afraid all the fumes would make her sick. I painted very few. I tried my hand at painting the desire was just not there . One time I want to buy art supplies and spent over $ 100 dollars. During this time I simply could not afford it. There had to be a way I could paint with out spend a fortune. About 2006 I started searching for online for art program  I could use on my PC. I discovered ArtRage artist program ., i started use it as my way of painting. It was a learning process for . I probably never go back to my old way of painting. All my paintings i put it my Facebook album. The good , bad and ugly . i numbered them so I could see how I progressed as an artist . i stopped painting again about 2 yrs ago , The desire to paint had left me. I don't know why. I just quit. I started back in February of 2017. I completed 4 paintings and 4 that are in different stages. So that comes to about 51 paintings i n 12 yrs. Of those only 6 could be considered portraits, I would be the first one to admitted that I not a great artist, average at best. some paintings turn out great and wonderful and others terrible .


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