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FINISHED- Justify at Kentucky Derby

Working on my newest Commission, a 20x30 which is a gift from someone who was at the Kentucky Derby, to another person who hosted them for the weekend there! Hoping to get it close to finished by the end of the week. 
I couldn't believe my pallet as I was putting it down in terms of the colors of Justify's blaze, as well as the teeth area. What the eye sees and whats actually there, is always so fascinating to me.  But I trusted the process and sure as heck it's coming out right! Im working with a pretty bad resolution photo, because I had to zoom into a small area of the original photo, and my photog is on vacation and I am on a time crunch, but hopefully it will all work out! Here is my "so far". I'll try to keep posting my updates as I go! I was loosing light today and my studio isn't set up great for dark, so the glare especially in the black areas was hindering my progress, This section "the nose job" (as I have been calling it today) needs some more TLC with tomorrows natural light. This is painted with permission from a photo by Alex Evers. 


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