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Geneva paint/painting storage

So, my husband is a School teacher, so we have summers off and go upstate near Saratoga Springs and spend the entire summer at our camper. I've got a full summer's worth of painting to do, so I have been wracking my brain trying to think of where on earth I can store all of my paints, painting, pallet etc. when I am done painting for the day. I have a Jeep Compass (compact SUV) and the seats fold down... and I was thinking maybe the Jeep could be my storage unit & we just use my Husbands car to get around. My only question is if the intense heat of the interior of a car in the summer would be a problem for storing the painting and my pallet? I would store my tubes of paint and solvents etc else where. 


  • dencaldencal -
    edited May 2018

    Some options

    Buy a small car fridge and supplement your battery with a trickle charge solar panel.
    obvious things like park in shade, use reflective sunscreens, leave small window openings.
    Clean your palette after each session.
    The tubes will be fine. Store mixed paint in screw top glass containers, as small as possible.
    Use uniform size panels and build a pizza style box with ribbed slots to secure the paintings.
    Use a couple of push pins with the tops glued together in each corner of a wet painting and strap on another panel to protect the wet surface.
    An insulted freezer bag will help keep things cool.
    Ziplock bags with some brush dip to keep your brushes in top condition.


  • Thanks @dencal! The only part that stinks is having to clean the pallet each session... :( hmmm. Maybe some other scenario will work itself out. If not this should all be doable! 
    Thanks again

  • JessicaArt

    If you premix all your values in snap caps the glass palette assumes less importance, mainly used for mixing halftones or a temperature adjustment. To keep your paint in optimum condition paint directly from the snap caps. The palettecan be cleaned with a paper towel in ten seconds.


  • oh wow!! great idea! THANKS!

  • Dencal is a pro, we all know but I would be very timid about painting directly from snap caps until I was as much a pro as he.
  • BOB73

    No pro, just a rank amateur with an endless curiosity.

    There is no difference between picking a premixed value from a snap cap or a palette.
    Except that your paint will last about four weeks instead of four days.
    Depending on temp and humidity.


  • Can you clean the snap caps out, or is it impossible if the paint dries in the corners?
  • Richard_P

    After I use the leftover paint to tone my next ‘canvas’ there ain’t more than a smudge for paper towel to wipe out. The caps are the problem. But a match stick and tissue with solvent takes care of that.


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