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How to make good color blobs?

I’ve been watching about all of Mark and Emily’s videos showing their palette of mixed colors and they are like beautiful plump mounds of color. When I mix colors, I get flat smears all over my palette. It frustrates me. I am new and I have not found a resource that address this. Any suggestions?


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I have the same observation.  I think it boils down to two things:

    I am frugal with paint, whereas Mark uses paint as though he owns the paint company.  This naturally gives him bigger, fresher blobs of paint.  He is also playing to the camera somewhat and using clean palettes and large quantities because it makes a better demonstration.  I think it's the same as why the pie I make doesn't look like the pie in the recipe book.  It's me versus professionals.  This doesn't bother me.

    The part that does is Mark's paint is all great consistency, whereas mine is not even close.  I wish all the paint came out of the tube and behaved the way the white and yellow behave.  Again, it's almost like Mark has access to fresher paint than I do.
  • You’re got a great sense of humor. I’m frugal too!!!! Do you use Geneva Paints? 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I do use Geneva, it's the best I've experienced.
  • PaulB, I just ordered my Geneva paints. I’m looking forward to using them. Expensive tho, but 100mls so I just hope they go a long way. Thanks again for helping me here.

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Well done.  At 100ml, these are three times the size of regular tubes, although they do contain medium.  I find I'm going through a set of Geneva paints in more than a year, maybe even two years, and I'm painting for a couple of hours every day.  I've only finished a black and a burnt umber, the cheap ones.

    I like this palette, and I like not having 20 different tubes.
  • I too was using far too much paint, I have gone to smaller piles and worked out a way to stop the spread or pile getting bigger by scooping it up, I use a flat brush - I also seem to still use a lot of white, possible my poor mixing, but it's getting better - Geneva oils for me, and I have wasted more paint than I have paintings to show for it 
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