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My studio

I’ve really got only one wall available for painting as the other side of the room is dedicated to my scrapbooking stuff.

I designed my scrapbooking side side to hold all my different coloured papers separately and all my albums. I’m saving up to do the painting side so I love seeing what everyone else is doing to get ideas.

I’m taking pictures of my artwork in the photo booth for my website at the moment but that’s coming out on the weekend and my shadow box will go in. I’m thinking of putting the shadow box on coasters so I can pull it out for better vision and push it away again so I can open up my scrapbooking draws.


  • Your scrapbooking side looks very put together.  I understand small work spaces.  I keep trying to cram one more thing in.  Putting coasters on the shadow box will make life easier.  Somewhere there's a thread with pictures of workspaces.  Maybe someone can find it?
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