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Staining canvases

I question on the stain for canvases. What is quick drying white . Is it an oil based paint?  I use oil primed canvases and I’m thinking my stain will have to be oily base or I’ll run into trouble. Is the Geneva on oil based or acrylic?


  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 2018
    My understanding of quick drying white is that it is made with a resin and not an acrylic so that makes them safe to use on your oil-primed substrate.  The quick drying white causes the oil paints they are mixed with to dry faster.  They won't dry as fast as acrylics but certainly much faster than just plain oil paints.  Yes, Geneva is an oil paint.  If the drying agent had been acrylic, that would be a no-no in your specific situation.  Summer 
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