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My new painting station

dencaldencal -
edited May 2018 in Studio & Supplies

An attempt to work on an evenly lit, large (40”x30”) easel. This evolved in fits and starts over the last six months.
Major features are the rolling bridge / mahl stick and the swivel rotating canvas. The top bins hold immersion baths for brushes. Snap caps secured by strong magnets to hold two color groups. At 35 degrees overhead are two 3600 lumen 5500k LED fixtures supplying an even 1000 lux across the canvas and palette.

Roller unit lifts off, if required, to accommodate full size aluminium panels on the shelf. The panel there at present is 16x20 and is magnetically attached to a stainless steel swivel plate.

The other side is a layout / drawing surface with a magnetic strip along the top and a lift out gutter to catch rubber crumbs, pastel and charcoal dust. The junk underneath is temporary.

A few black out screens on PVC now in design phase.


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