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Color Families

Can you cover identifying "Color Families" a bit more. It seems a critical step before laying down strings of colors on your palette prior to the actual painting. Thank you.  - MC


  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 2018
    If you are referring to color groups, color families are when you look at your reference  photo, still life, or scene in plein air and decide which are the major colors that exist that you want to paint.  In each  of those major colors, there will be values from dark to light that you will want to create on your palette before you begin to paint.  We call these dark to light values strings and they are built one by one vertically on your palette as steps.  Once you begin painting you may see even more stepped-values that need to be created so leave a little wiggle room in between these strings to create new steps or puddles.  Summer 
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