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Major SDM spill on carpet - what to do???

Probably 6 oz of SDM or more plus the small bottle of OMS I was using to clean my brushes. Just moved into the extra bedroom as my exclusive studio. Love it. One hour in and the pets were scratching at the door, let them in and my SDM and OMS were spilled in a concentrated area in middle of floor. 

I insist we cut out that portion of the carpet (it's old anyway) because that clove oil will never go away and I get migraines. Plus, I'm genuinely concerned about these items saturating a fairly thick carpet. 

Advice for safety please!


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Congratulations on the studio.

    My first concern would be the pets, because if they got splashed, they are going to lick it off.

    I would cut out the carpet and toss it.  You probably need to clean whatever is beneath it too.  Luckily it's warmer now, and you can crack a window.

    Beyond that, you need a spill-proof surface.  I'm not sure what that might look like.  I work on hardwood floors, which are easy to clean, and I drop brushes regularly.
  • Since you have SDM on can paint on that. Use gesso before applying paint upon it :p

    Keep it outdoors so the sun may evaporate both thinner and clove oil. Otherwise get rid of it.

    Now, I get headaches and bad coughs pretty often. It could be due to turps. OMS here is pretty expensive Rs.800-1700 (250 ml) compared to Camlin Turpentine (500 ml) Rs.450. I must learn to paint without the turps.
  • Kaustav said:
    Now, I get headaches and bad coughs pretty often. It could be due to turps. OMS here is pretty expensive Rs.800-1700 (250 ml) compared to Camlin Turpentine (500 ml) Rs.450. I must learn to paint without the turps.
    Just try linseed oil (or walnut oil if you can get it), it is a lot safer..
  • @Renoir, nice to finally have a dedicated space , but if you get migraines, best chuck the carpet. 
  • @Richard_P Yeah. It needs some technical changed at my end. I thought of using only oil last year. But I felt some difficulty with that.
    My paints are very fluid at least in the initial stages when I cover ground. But things are a lot tougher without a thinner when I am painting on a larger canvas and it needs quick blocking in with fluid paint in larger quantities. Too much oil initially may create some problems.
  • Do you do an underpainting? You could use acrylics or a Water Miscable Oil range for that instead?
  • Safety advice? Throw that piece in the bin! Really..I don't know how much you spill it but it's not worth the risk if you have pet or kid or even you in that room around. Hydrocarbons toxicity is a reality, including mineral spirits, even if it is without the aromatic components. Intoxication can be caused by ingestion (your dog can ) or inhalation (you). Now don't worry this is potentially and only for high dose or for long amount of time..but the risk is not worth a piece of an old carpet.
  • Thanks all. We have all the windows open in the room. The ideal studio would be in the garage or in the shop (which is currently in disrepair).

    The upside of this is that my husband just offered me 1/3 of the shop downstairs (his man cave).  :p :p :p  Why hadn't I thought of causing a spill before? ;)

    For a man who has the use of an extra wide 2 car garage, a private office, and a 30'x16' workshop I'm thinking this lady of the house needs to be more strategic.

    @BOB73 - I was hoping I could get some feedback from you re: handling this SDM spill, it's about 6-8" in diameter; 1/2" carpet pile, thick foam padding underneath, then wood under that. I know the safest thing to do is to remove the carpet entirely, but, odors aside, is this a real hazard?
  • Blot up as much as you can with paper towels. after it seems you can take up no more, add isopropyl alcohol and let sit a few minutes then blot that up too. The alcohol will help the other ingredients evaporate. Repeat as many times as necessary. When no more can be taken up, rent a rug doctor or carpet shampoo machine. Use first with just hot water a few times then add the shampoos. Citrus based cleaners and shampoos would probably work best. The spill isn't without some hazards but not life threatening. Open windows and use fans when doing this and also wear gloves. 
  • @BOB73 Thank you so much. I blotted it, then my husband cleaned it with alcohol many times. We'll get a rug cleaner.

    I didn't know if that amount would continue to be a hazard re; fire etc. so it's a relief to know we could preserve the carpet.

    Guess I don't have to get rid of the pets afterall.
  • After this much time I think most of the volatile segments would have evaporated reducing the risk of fire. Just don't set a space heater or hair dryer too close. Eventually the heavier oils will wick up to the fibers and you may need to shampoo again. Pets , dogs may like to roll on it but they won't lick it up. If they get it on them it won't hurt them but you should still wipe them down and bathe them.
  • Thank you @BOB73 - this really helps set our minds at ease. Good thing it's warm out so open windows and lots of fans are not a problem. The animals have actually been staying away since last night, so that's good.
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