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Landscape challenge - diamond head

The below is diamond head volcano in Waikiki and shot from my balcony this morning 5.45am - it kinda looks like its spewing smoke with the clouds, it's not but topical for now - I may have a go at this thoughts ? 


  • Yeah I can see it is morning light, Kudos t you for waking up so early :D the horizon line is tilted, so be careful before drawing.  Light is good in the upper part, but it could be good to have some light on the window (like there is a lamp on) maybe u can tweak it and take a photo in the afternoon/evening and compose with it as well, maybe using the down part of the photo for it and the sky and the volcano from this, because of course the camera took the right exposure only for the upper part.
  • Overall the light is poor, I will wait for a sunset then the skies are on fire sometimes @Bobitaly
  • Oh good, I suppose u wanted to paint it for the particular cloud. 
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