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Can we post digital paintings?

i didnt see anywhere saying we cant on the stickied posts
this is a painting i did of leon trotsky. im not a communist, i just like his face. 



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    Excellent face !!!
    not sure if digital paintings are permitted, not extactly the same, but if you can do this, you probably can do oils.  
  • Umm. Nice job, but this site is dedicated to painting in oils and painting realism. That doesn't mean that a forum member can't post alternate forms. Some members post abtract, pastels, sculptures and even woodwork but those should be pasted under "General Discussions" or "Off Topic Discussions". Several members came here from digital art to try oil paintings. BTW it is an interesting face. If I didn't know his name I might have mistaken him for a chef (nice work on the coat too)
  • i post oils here too but i do digital as well. there was no distinction of which medium isnt permitted, the only thing explicitly stated was the aspect of realism which i think this painting does justice to. if an admin could elaborate on this id appreciate it, because i do both oil and digital work. 
  • Communist or not it does not matter :)  This is a very nice painting!
  • Keep posting your digital paintings this is really good. I'm going to be learning digital painting as well. Have you found any good online resources or videos?
  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 14
    I have the Wacom Intuos 5 but am waiting for a time when I am bed ridden and can't stand or sit in my studio anymore.  It seems strange even writing this!   If only it weren't true.  I just don't have the time to learn it now.

    I am inspired by your digital painting.  Thanks for posting it here.  

  • Great. As a graphic designer I love digital art. Have you found any forum for digital art (painting, drawing, photo manipulation etc.)?
  • If you are looking for great, very realistic brushes, than I recommand Kyle brushes. If you use Adobe Photoshop CC it is very easy to get them.
  • wow im blown away by all this good feedback, i still dont know whether or not i should keep posting my digital art however i would really like an admin to clear this up for me. 
  • I think its okay to post other mediums, although I'm not the admin either.  In my mind, painting well requires the ability to see and translate to your chosen medium.  The key is being able to see.  So if you can apply this to digital painting you should be able to transfer this to oil painting.  Although you would probably start with a bit of a rocky patch getting used to working with something new.
  • ackerman said:
    wow im blown away by all this good feedback, i still dont know whether or not i should keep posting my digital art however i would really like an admin to clear this up for me. 
    Hi @ackerman, I suggest you send a pm to @flatty, he is the moderator here.
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    @ackerman It’s hard to know where to draw the line. Beautiful portrait btw! Not so sure it’s a good fit for this forum? Will get back to you on this for sure
  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 18
    As long as the art "represents the subject matter truthfully"  on this forum I believe digital art should be thought of as just another medium.  Maybe a Digital Art category the same as Drawing, Painting, etc.?  Seems everything is experiencing the growing pains of change these days.  Hmm.
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