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”Afternoon with outdoor painting” now finished!

Three and a half day and this it. There are a lot of things I would have worked on if this was a painting from a photograph in my studio, but this has to be good enough. A bunch of mosquitos helped me in my descision 😂
I am a different painter when I am outdoors. I am pushing ahead much quicker. 
Thank you all for support!!!


  • Great Job, sway-back roof and all. Really good work on the structures. The grass looks a little stylized- long and too few values but what you've done adds a little movement and life and I can't blame you for wanting to get away from the skeeters.
  • Thank you Bob73 That is really good criticism! I did not see that coming 😀. The grass was something I did from earlier experience Next time I will work with the values instead. This Forum is really the best help and inspiration I ever could find. 
  • that truck is beautiful...
  • Thank you judith -!  It is kind of funny that old "dirty" things can be seen as beautiful. The farmer liked it very much that I was painting it, because his wife had told him for years to get rid of the truck ;-)
  • "Hey Hey Mary! come here! LOOK! look at him! I told you it was an art piece! You want to throw away my stuff all the time! You never listen anybody!"
    "You are right Jimmy, I should listen to my mom, when I was sixteen!"
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