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DMP 14 (skip 13) - Vase & leaves

Starting - Wood panel 24 x 30 inches - It will be my largest Oils yet - the below is a posterized image 4 levels - I have a print of this same size as my wood panel - I also have a same size super high quality laminated image.
First steps are complete studio set up today, and start to stain my wood panel.
The values are in this order dark to light: - This is how I see the dark to light strategy
BLACK  - background & shadows
Brown & Black - Table  / leaves
Brown - dark to light
Dark red to light Red  - leaves & apples
Blues - vase
White / yellow - highlights
Timeline - Slow & easy - until its perfect as I can get it / style will be realistic
DMP & @Richard_P process as its all I know - Lets see how this goes.
I will post WIP - Warts & all



  • Looks like a nice subject.. Good luck! :)
  • Love the composition. :)
  • So far - I am very unhappy with this "recomemded" set up - light / dark / - I am so used to natural lighting conditions I think I will fail at the first hurdle - 
  • What don't you like about the lighting? 
  • Too many shadows / light is source is as per marks guidlines and set at angle - my room does not have the height - any light source from behind will cast a shadow i am going to experiment with directiing Light source from above and down and add another lamp 

  • So I moved the light in is 35 dog from the easel - everything is good a great wash of light, but as you can see when I stand next to the easel I get my shadow - marks set up is superb,,,,if you sit while you paint, I don't I stand, when I moved the easel towards the light same thing shadows, the only way to omit the shadow is place the easel directly under the light - I then have to much glare on the canvas and lose my walking space.

  • The below set up is the ONLY way to omit shadows, for standing up painting - not quite marks set up but it works - some slight glare on the canvas but I can manipulate the height to remove this see below 
    this is how my old set up was - I am able to move close to the canvas with my head magnifier on and have a constant source of light with no shadows - thoughts and comments welcome 

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @alsart, I don't like your lighting options.  That one directly above the easel will shine in your eyes, and I find that if the light is in my eyes in any way, or the sun is coming in the window, I can't tolerate it.  Similarly the lamp behind your head is not right, that shadow is not workable.

    I would suggest ignoring the 35º thing and just moving it forwards until there is no shadow.  I also think having cones around the bulbs will stop a lot of the glare.

    I have two angle lamps either side of my painting at ear height, just behind me and about a foot out to the side.  This might not work for everyone, but for me, I get no bright lights in my eyes, and the angle lamps mean I can reposition them if I need to, and I do, a lot.

    I would make sure the palette and source are similarly well lit.
  • @PaulB I am going to add another light back n front of the easel, and shade diffuser on the easel light, I can then light balance the room, i am also going to try a small DMP before I go full steam into that larger work, that way I can so how it works - all good points thanks and although I am keen to get into painting again I will take my time and get the light situation tickety boo - now to find a small canvas and what to paint ,....

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Sounds like good adjustments.  I would also like to see you painting again, something for the challenge, for example, how about a Ford Mustang being consumed by lava?  Just kidding, it's the only shot I've seen.
  • That’s actually not a bad idea for a practice work @PaulB
  • I am now re-thinking the vase project - it’s too big for my lowly skills - l liked @Filuren
    door knocker the size etc - we will see 
  • That's why sometimes, just painting on a porch in regular light is easiest.  What a nightmare you are dealing with!  When I first set up my "studio" I was struggling with glare and light and angles and a window.  I finally found the less irritating area in that room and paint from there mostly.  

    Good luck.  I don't have any advice other than keep tweaking and moving angles with your easel.
  • Thanks - @Julianna in the end it’s what works for the individual - I have desinged and installed many lighting schemes for many hotels of some quality - check out London edition and Miami edition - to name a few 
    but this set up is not in my ball park - I will balance the room for what I think mark actually means - a constant light source as near to daylight values - that I can do 
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