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Two Lemons in a Glass

5" x 7" on GessoBord. Critiques very welcome, as usual. Thanks.



  • Hi @ArtistMartin1
      The glass is very good and the bottom lemon. Not sure about the shape of the top one. It needs a bit of sharpening IMO. 
    BUT don’t take my word for this because I myself can’t draw.  :'( as you probably know! 
    It’ll be interesting to see what your teacher thinks.  
    I like the background colour  and its abstraction. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I think the glass needs more symmetry, particularly at the base - the curves are different on each side.
  • Hi, @Hilary -- thanks for taking the time to comment. Here's what my teacher just sent me. I sent her this photo the same time I posted here:

    "Looks good! Great lemon colors - great shadows.

    Watch your symmetry on the glass - turn the painting upside down to see where it’s off.

    I would say that the only thing missing is the softening of the edges. Your first pass should wind up looking like a soft fuzzy version of your painting. Like you took a shaky photo of it.

    I know you’re working on a gessobord and the first pass is super absorbent, so that means you have to do it as you go.

    So, you place the blocks of color in - value/color in the right place, then fuse it all together - so that you have lines of background going into the subject and vice-versa.

    Photo attached.

    Then when you’re working on subsequent layers - you use a more judicious approach to the same thing. Take a look at this video - at around the 9 minute mark I start softening as I go - with a big soft rosemary brush.

    Edges edges edges. 

    I place details in, soften them out, then place them again. Soften if need be. It’s  a lot of repetition. But this is what makes the details look like part of the picture instead of being on top of the picture.

  • @PaulB -- no doubt you're right about the symmetry. I'm going to work on it now. Thanks for the comment.
  • @PaulB -- no doubt you're right about the symmetry. I'm going to work on it now. Thanks for the comment.
  • Hi @ArtistMartin1
    Thank you for posting that video. 
    Very interesting. She’s a brilliant artist. And a fantastic teacher. 
    Will be interested to see the finished version of your lemon 🍋 painting. 

  • It is so much lemon!
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