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Studio - WIP set up

So I finally got moved and relocated, this photo shows my current guest bedroom, that  will be my Studio (till someone stays) on the bed you can see - a collection of black sheets, and black out curtains, I kick the bed over to the left and use the right hand space. and my next wood panel - its a large panel 24 x 30 and as soon as I am set up I will update with progress - I am hoping this will improve my set up and thus paint better or improve at least - my previous set on my balcony and living room with paddle board light, was less than ideal - we will see,..



  • Looking forward for your updates. Is it a wood panel?
  • Yes wood panel @Bobitaly ; - my printer is working on my laminated high rez image 24 x 30 and also a posterized B&W 24 x 30 image should have them for the weekend
  • Very good :) so u print ur photos by yourself? Here it is very expensive to print a picture of that dimension plus the colour accuracy is not great. 
  • @Bobitaly - I am lucky to have an account with a printer for my work, but this is the first time I have asked for this type of service, I will see when I get the prints 
  • I need more sheets - back to the shops tomorrow 

  • Switched it around all I need now is some small black out curtains to stop the light bleed from the window - then I will set up my lighting rig 

  • Hi @alsart, is it possible to tip the bed on its side a put it against the wall then cover with black to give yourself more room?
  • If it was up to me I would throw the damn bed out - but the wife has other ideas so it’s a compromise - I can make the space work - if not plan B @Boudicca
  • Happy to report almost all my recent "attempted" art survived the journey and my golf clubs,...
    also of note - what was once touch dry is now dry after three weeks in a stuffy box in a dock ...
    a collection of memories here for sure,....

  • I spoke to soon - my easel is broken,...workable but all the same broken 
  • Our spare bedroom is my studio as well. Good thing it smells of clove oil and not solvent. We have one of those tilting wall beds that can be stored vertically behind fake cupboard doors when not in use. Its brilliant.
  • Ken - hmmm must be in the other box - still got a few to open @Roxy
  • Hands free mahl stick - magnetic white board ( which I will stain) and two magnetic clips the mahl stick can be set in any position and any angle and floats over the canvas and I can lift it off quick when I want to go vertical or just reposition the mag clips - 

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    That looks like it will be pretty effective.  Good idea.
  • Note - also you ca use the clip to stop the wood from moving - detail below 

  • The magnets are strong enough to hold, but not that strong that you have to heave to get them off, I also cable tied the board to the middle riser - it will take 14 x 18 at the most but they do larger whiteboard if it works out @PaulB

  • Good idea! Can you slide the clips up with the stick on them or do you need to remove them first?
  • @Richard_P  it does slide but I need one clip up and one down, and it can be moved with one hand, but it has  scratched the surface paint, I guess my stain has not dried fully 
  • This is what I mean 
  • edited May 15
    I wonder if light sanding of the magnetic white board was necessary to create a better tooth for your stain to better adhere to? Are your clips equipped with magnetic rubber (as in refrigerator magnets) to prevent scratching the surface of the board?
  • @Forgiveness and @Richard_P @PaulB this set up is not workable - the easel suffered damage and is too rickety - the mahl stick works but the board is too flexible - but this has inspired me,,,
    i am going to bring the whole easel set up into the 21st century,...and it will be much, much better - stand by for the "ultimate easel",.......
  • @Forgiveness - I did not answer your question yes it was my haste to get set up and I painted acrylic on a super smooth surface and did not wait for it to dry - I am an impatient man, a trait I suffer with - but I have aborted this mission and my next set up is engineered solution 
  • The white board and magnets is a good idea. just put scotch tape on the magnets' faces and bring the tape around the edges. they won't scratch after that.
  • @BOB73 - my next set up will blow you away,.....coming soon - thanks
  • Is it going to have steel chains on it? :)
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Richard_P said:
    Is it going to have steel chains on it? :)
    Not sure about steel, but a Hawaiian might put pineapple and Spam on it.
  • Deffo Spam - Oh I already painted that  - wait and see, I guarantee you will have not seen an easel like this!!,.....
  • Are you using volcanic rock? :o ;)
  • Very early stages of development but see below - my easel base is a rise/fall desk that can be set for sitting or standing and any height in between at the touch of a button - the draw slides out to reveal a mark carder glass palette - the brush stand and now aborted canvas are for just display - but you can see the idea - I am awaiting a new magnetic black board and some supplies and I will then engineer the tilting &  adjustable black board - the table actually has a glass top, and I was going to use this for mixing but I will stick with Marks pallets and use the table space, as yes,... a table - I will now "carder up" this table in the color of choice, - more, much more to follow but chip in if you get inspired to add anything while it's in development,....

  • And now the "ultimate easel" with the carder effect 
    i just realized that if I drill out the three pop rivets I can remove one of the draw dividers it then can be an airtight solution  to protect the mixed paint from dust and drying out - but this might take a feat of engineering and my days are over for that, but we will see,....

  • The hospital table is a great idea. I've been looking for one of those or an old typewriter table in thrift stores but none I've found are stable enough. Yours looks very stable. Lucky for you that the drawer is big enough to accept the palette-- great idea #2.
  • @BOB73 it is solid,  and takes two people to move it , it does not move or shake, which has always been my bone with traditional easels
  • So update - I got my lighting worked out - I had to buy another bulb  so I could balance the room - I know have a constant / same light source day or night in almost all parts of the room ( not getting technical but it is) 
    I await my new black board which should be here end of next week 
    taking longer than I thought - but I will get there 
  • alsart said:
    And now the "ultimate easel" with the carder effect 
    i just realized that if I drill out the three pop rivets I can remove one of the draw dividers it then can be an airtight solution  to protect the mixed paint from dust and drying out - but this might take a feat of engineering and my days are over for that, but we will see,....
    Well if you have an engineering background you have something that a lot of other artists don't have to help you with your painting equipment. An Al Easel with integrated daylight lighting sounds good to me! ;)
  • Update - so the below shows my progress I now have an easel that I can set to any height any angle and it does not move or wobble - my mahl stick floats across the board with ease and moved with one hand 
    @PaulB might like  my brush holder, again easy stuff that just makes life easy when painting 
    lighting is coming along a good balance I am confident of giving it a go - oh the easel can spin landscape if I wish too - I can now sit or stand at the touch of a button and my light source is constant up or down - 

  • And of course many ways to attached reference media / photo etc 

  • Does the bridge/stick slide down if you lean on it? That was always my concern when considering magnets..
  • what is supporting your board? so it doesn't fall backwards?
  • Aloha @judith I have the board supported with duct ( gorilla) tape and part of the Geneva pallet table - it's a temp measure while I try the set up out

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I'm pleased to see aluminum, and look forward to hearing how you feel about it at the end.
  • edited May 23
    @alsart, Neodymium magnets are quite useful, been using these in my studio 2 years now (1/4 inch loose type). But must be very careful in handling and usage, losing one in a room while losing sight of where it went, is hazardous, potential dangerous, depending where it lands in the room. Keep well away from electrical currents and appliances, computers and phones etc., the magnetic power in these  magnets can interfere with electrical currents and electronic devices of all sorts. These also pose quite a health hazard if wearing electronics of any sort, including medical aids. Avoid breaking and or chipping one. I believe it's been 3 years or so that manufacturers have recently stopped producing and mining these natural magnets.
  • @Forgiveness thanks 
    @PaulB - the "curse of the easel" has struck,....gorrilla tape is no match for cross winds on a 29th floor condo .
  • Yes 3.29am and crash,,,,,bang,....
  • Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. Nothing beats 2x4s and #14 screws.
  • @BOB73 ; - it was my own fault the board is a huge wind break, and the trade winds are really blowing these last few days, a huge gust came in and boom - so I am going to pick up the hardware today (14" piano hinge 2 x 2 wood  / open & close hinges left & right ) and attack it tonight - I wish I could weld it on, but its glass and wood
    The small aluminum panel and first values survived, and no damage to me or anything else

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