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Revisit of a nocturne

I attempted this painting ala prima before I discovered DMP and Geneva Paints... It i decided to revisit it today and still not loving it... any advice? I feel like the area around the horses and the horses themselves are just sloppy looking, but when i tighten them up they look superimposed... I dont get it... 


  • Just a thought, there is enough light to illuminate the rail and mist but the horses seem completely black, some  very subtle indication of light on the horses may help negate the cut out look.
  • ahh... good point! I should post the photo... that might get me some more help too! haha here it is I left some of those gold carts out on the right I can see now how that big building is way too lit. and maybe too much fog in front of the buildings as well as the rail way too bright... 
  • Hi @JessicaArt, in the photo I can see the faint white line of the saddle blanket on the (our) right hand horse, I think a couple of those kind of details may help.
  • Yes, the building and rail are too bright in the painting. If you darkened those down it would work better.
  • After looking at the source and being able to see things clearly I could appreciate your painting a lot more. But wait, people who see your painting will NOT see the source to understand the objects and lighting. People looking at realism expect to see realism that makes sense. Even impressionistic realism shouldn't leave the viewer guessing. They will quickly lose interest in the painting. As the painter, you can justify your approach by thinking you are keeping some abstraction. Because you know the source there no ambiguity to your "abstraction". The viewer is looking for aesthetics and it has to make sense. The horse on the left... yeah that one with his ear on fire. Move the light lower and dimmer and it will add a halo affect to his head. Move the light and dim it to make look further back or brighter and higher to make it look like it is within the track. You get the idea, you probably have a dozen ways to make adjustments I'd never think of. The other obvious ambiguity is the stable roof line it looks like a child's sketch of a house because the angles of the roof don't match front and back but in the source I can tell there is a tree or other object obscuring the far roof line.  The camera sees everything and nothing (it doesn't care).  I just reread what I wrote and it sounds horrible almost as if I was writing like a camera. Please edit.
  • Hi JessicaArt, having looked at your other work this piece seems quite's clearly before you developed the extraordinarily good skills you currently have...I would repaint this if I was you....your current skills would make it sing beautifully.
  • Thanks everyone... yeah I am thinking this painting was just too flawed to save... (and too small to spend the time on it only 11x14) seems like more work to fix everything than to just re paint it!  The colors are off, the drawing is off, etc. Maybe I'll let my kids paint on it. haha  
  • Yes , I agree with @judith. This painting isn’t you any more. 
    You’re on to bigger and better things now.  

    JessicaArtBOB73[Deleted User]
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