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What do you think

 A lady gave me the below picture which was to say the least not the best picture to work from.  I painted the painted below it based on the photo.  What do you think? 



  • I think you did a good job! I like specially how the light fades in to the wood against the viewer.
    You have painted a sunny day and one thing that could perhaps make it "sparkel" even more is if you catch some glimmer of light in the leaves and maybe elsewhere. In that way you get a bigger depth in color and difference between light and darkness. I am talking about some white with yellow on edges of leaves and some small parts on the trees, as well on the edges of his hat and some small parts of jacket and trousers. But these are only suggestions.
  • Thanks.  It was a really bad reference photo provided, so I had to "invent" stuff.  I hope she likes it.
  • I am sure she will!
  • You are a good inventor. Really nice painting that evokes memories for anyone who has had their morning coffee on the lake or in the woods.  I think the hat brim is about 3/4" too short and the crown a little too flat but I guess only a HAT guy would notice.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    edited May 2018
    The small tree immediately to the right of the subject appears to get fatter about three feet off the ground.  I might counter that with added highlights to reduce the perceived bulk.

    The photo has some nice pink in the water and sky, but by time-shifting the picture, the lack of those makes sense.

    Good work, difficult source.
  • Yeah.  It was kind of a nutty commission.  This was her dead husband.  He actually had some formal photos in his police officers uniform, but she really wanted this one, so i complied.  I amped up the light in this on purpose.
  • We see paintings differently when we know more about the subject.
  • You did an extraordinary job with that painting. If you could add a little warm highlights on the hat, right shoulder and left hand side ground and tree, it would look fabulous
  • RenoirRenoir -
    edited May 2018
    Agree with Kaustav's suggestions. I think that will completely change the feel and give more of the life and love to this memorial of her beloved husband. 
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