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Landscape challenge WIP

Not sure if I'll get time to complete a painting for the challenge (especially with another WIP awaiting), but I figured if I posted my intentions early that would help motivate me.

I thought I'd try something different this time: 50mm x 50mm (2in x 2in) oil on primed paper.

Still a few technical issues to solve:

Support (that should be easy)

Magnification. There is no way I could see to paint this small without some help. I have a few things lying around that I'll try. Even some glasses like the ones @PaulB and @Summer borrowed from Joe90.

Smaller brushes. I don't think the 1in hog filbert I'm currently using will work very well here.

Subject. I think I have a scene in mind. Needs to be relatively simple at this scale.

If anyone has any experience in painting miniature, then any advice would be most welcome  :)

Blank canvas ready to go...



  • Painting tiny
    small brushes ranging from 0 to 10x0
    fluid paint
    smoothish surface
    spectacles plus magnifier glasses
    mahl stick
    I find tiny painting quite good fun and considering a tiny on for the challenge too.

    check out Abbey Ryan- she does some very small landscapes
  • Is this too dark for a painting ? - photo Port Hilton Waikiki  beach 6.00am ish,..

  • Is that volcanic ash or clouds? I don't think it's too dark. Personally I'd prefer a landscape that doesn't have a large structure as the primary subject. But the sky is very interesting and there's enough light for the water to play in the drama. I would paint it without the pier and plant a palm tree that dissects the left border.
  • Thanks for the tips @Boudicca. I checked out Abbey Ryan. Crikey there are some good artists out there! I think I have everything in place, apart from suitable brushes which I'll go hunting for in the weekend.
  • @BOB73 - yes too complicated, I think I will skip this challenge this time, due to still setting up studio
    @Roxy ; - apologies I jacked your topic, I like your idea of a small canvas
  • To be honest @alsart I find the pier a bit busy, and the overlap with the palm trees on the horizon line to be conflicting. Like @BOB73 I also think the volcanic ash plume clouds are interesting. But as soon as you start looking up you can find dramatic and interesting skyscapes everywhere, especially at dawn and dusk.
  • I've been playing around with magnifying options, and this seems to work.

    No. Really. Stop laughing.

    It's a low power disecting microscope. At 6x the working field of view is about 3cm. There is just enough room between the lamp and the focal plane to work. The books are to raise the eyepieces to a comfortable height.

    The plan is to have a bigger print for colour checking, and a life size one for drawing/value checking through the scope.

    My doodles so far suggest it has promise, but I think there is still lots of room for it to be a ridiculous failure. Only one way to find out...
  •  @Roxy , Seriously, you will be " Sectioned" = Locked up...I will miss you  =) B)
  • After some not insignificant trial and error, here is some progress. A tree emerges.

    Palette on the left (5cm x 1cm). A raised wooden craft stick on the right to stop me sticking my damn finger in the wet paint (which I did four times before doing something about it). Ruler is there just for  scale.

    Through the microscope the tip of my rigger looks like a house painting brush.

  • Wow!! Roxy, you're a true scientist!  :)
  • If u didn't, u should definitely watch this.

  • Thanks @Bobitaly, yes I know Arrietty well. Its a wonderful movie, and just like some other animes I've seen almost every scene is a lesson in composition and colour harmony. Certainly superior to its predecessor 'The Borrowers'. 

  • @tassieguy, this is 0.00178th the size of 'Canopy V'!
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