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How many paintings are you working on?

edited May 2018 in General Discussion
It looks like a few artists here are producing multiple paintings or studies per day. How hard are you driving yourself? Do you focus on only one picture until your done with it, or do you prefer to work on several studies at a time? I personally can only work on a single picture since I feel pretty drained after working four to six hours. I spent about five hours on this one but had to stop due to the loss of sunlight. I suppose I'll resume work on it  tomorrow hopefully. It still needs a few details. 


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I've been doing 4 hours a night for a long time, but it doesn't feel like I'm pushing hard, because I enjoy it.  Right now I'm taking it easy, but really only because I'm looking for the right new project, and trying to balance enthusiasm for starting it, with more planning.

    I have seven paintings in various stages of completion, and I hope to lower that, once I figure out a path forward.  Some days I work on three different ones, pushing each a little bit forwards.  Mostly I work on just one, because it's enjoyable.  If I get stuck on something, I switch.

    Your painting is lovely, and I want to see it progress.
  • Thanks Paul. I wont polish my painting up too much since I want it to have an impressionistic look. I like loose brushwork on figure paintings though I do plan to make a few "tighter" paintings in the future. I feel I still haven't achieved the same level of confidence in my painting as I do in drawing so I've been making quick small scale studies like the one I posted here with that goal in mind. 
    You say you work at night? What kind of lighting do you use? I understand working under ordinary indoor lights can affect the look of a painting when seen under natural light. 
    Well I'm sure seven paintings will keep you busy for quite a while considering the amount of detail you put into them. Great stuff! 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I use two CRI95, 5000K LED light bulbs, inside angle poise lamps, that are right above my shoulders.  One shines mostly on the palette, the other on the painting.  Since I've been using this lighting, I don't feel that I'm mixing the wrong colors any longer.  You are correct though using ordinary lights does not work.

    I'm trying to reduce the amount of detail I add.  Or rather, keep the detail in certain areas, but not everywhere.
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